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Ryco Dealer Services - Extended Auto Warranties

What is an Extended Auto Warranty?
An Extended Auto Warranty (also known as vehicle service contracts, vehicle service agreements, vehicle maintenance agreements, extended service agreements or auto service warranties), is an extended insurance for new and used vehicles to prolong service and repair warranties where manufacturer coverage may be expiring, have already expired, or where a warranty is not otherwise available when a car is purchased.

How Does a Ryco Extended Auto Warranty Work?
Ryco Dealer Services offers straight-forward, cost-effective warranties for new and used cars and trucks. We offer 0% financing with no credit checks to make the process as easy as possible. we partner with an extensive list of warranty providers to get you the best coverage, at the best price.

Once you have purchased your Extended Auto Warranty, it will immediately provide service and repair insurance for your vehicle, nationwide, at any auto repair shop you choose.
  1. Select the right coverage for you and your vehicle - One of our specialists can help you identify and select the right coverage, at the right price.
  2. Select the repair shop or facility you want - Ryco Extended Auto Warranties can be used at any licensed repair shop or automotive dealer across the nation. Pick the facility you want to use, and let us handle the rest.
  3. Let Us Manage your Claim & Payment - Once the repair shop has determined what repairs may be required, they will submit the claim information directly to warranty provider for processing, approval and payment.

0% Financing Available
Ryco Dealer Services offers 0% financing with no credit check. Low monthly payments make sure you can afford the auto warranty coverage you need, for as long as you need it.

You Choose the Repair Shop or Dealer
Your Ryco Extended Auto Warranty can be used at any licensed repair shop or automotive dealer across the United States. Just pick the facility you want to use, and let us handle the rest.

No-Hassle Claims Process.
We simplify the claims process by dealing directly with the repair shop or dealer to get the job done right the first time. When your vehicle is ready, we pay the facility directly.


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Note: This Web Site is intended solely for the purpose of providing general information with respect to vehicle service contracts and auto warranties. Please refer to the vehicle service contract to obtain specific information about terms & conditions, benefits, claim instructions, exclusions & special requirements.